The following workshops are held regularly around Melbourne: 

‘improve your love life’ workshops


These are workshops for single males, females and couples who are over 18 and would like to ‘spice-up’ or ‘tune-up’ their love life. The focus is on ‘sensual love–making’. Click for more...>

The ‘improve your love-life’ workshops are structured classroom-style sessions where you will learn proven techniques in a supportive class environment. Explicit professional educational sex instructional DVD’s are used to demonstrate effective love-making and erotic massage techniques.

Classes are strictly professional and are held fully dressed. Practicing of newly learnt love-making techniques by clients will take place in the comfort of their own bedroom/love sanctuary.

Topics of the ‘improve your love life’ workshops include:

  • Creating a sanctuary of love (how to evoke a tantric atmosphere in the bedroom)

  • How to make time for sensuality?

  • Communication skills in love-making

  • Techniques to increase sexual energy

  • The joy of sexual sharing

  • The art of arousal

  • Female & male eroticism

  • Sensual aromatherapy and love-making

  • The touch of love, the art of sensual massage

  • Female and male genital massage

  • The G-spot and female ejaculation

  • Tantric love-making & intercourse

  • Erotic games

  • How to ‘accessorise’ and spice up your love life 

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