Welcome to the psychology website of Angela Donde (MA Clinical Psych), registered psychologist.

Angela Donde provides strictly confidential and professional psychological and counselling services to individuals, couples, families and children from her private offices in Melbourne. In addition, she provides home visits to people unable to travel and families (family therapy).

Minimal Medicare gap payments and bulk billing available for eligible clients with GP referral. Private Health Insurances rebates are also available for psychological services.

Unfortunately, almost anyone can call themselves a ‘psychotherapist’ or ‘counsellor’. How can you be sure you are seeing a qualified professional?...more>

Are you experiencing problems and would like to talk to a professional about it??

Sometimes it is hard talking to family and friends about personal problems. Talking to a qualified psychologist may be easier and more productive because they are professionally trained to listen and provide appropriate help.

It is important to find the right therapist...more>.

Take the step to improve your quality of life TODAY!!! Don’t suffer in silence, you deserve to be happy!

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